Friday, May 3, 2013

Kitchen Kriminal April 27th 2013

Thank you Meredith for hosting Kitchen Kriminal at beautiful Crocker House!

 Roasted Mushrooms
Ginger Flan, Mushroom & Ginger Nage

 Chili Roasted Prawn
Ricotta-Spinach Dumplings, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Cumin Brown Butter

 Baked Cannelloni
Pecan Crema with Truffle Almond Bechamel

 Cardamom Crusted Salmon
Braised Fennel, Cherry Tomatoes & Saffron Relish

 Roasted Beef Short Rib
Roasted Asparagus tossed with Roasted Garlic Purée
Blue Cheese Polenta "Toast"
Strawberry Milk Chocolate Buckle
Balsamic and Whipped Cream